Saturday, May 26, 2007

So, now that we are started

The creation of this blog is intended for the American public to voice their opinions about the direction our country is headed. As we see on a daily basis, OUR elected government officials, local, state, and federal, cower down, and pander to their special interests without regard to the consequences they create. Their are numerous examples of this on a daily basis, whether we are Republican, Democrat, or Independant.

That being said, is it time for us to take our country back, or do we just sit back and watch it fall apart? Everyone has their own beliefs and ideals. None of them are wrong. What is at stake here is the fact that the deciions we ALLOW our elected officials to make have consequences associated with them, which for the most part we either choose to, or worst yet totally ignore. we can list numerous situations that are created on a daily basis, where the thoughts, votes, and decisions of our elected officials are determined by nothing more than special interest lobbists, with their own agenda in mind, regardless of the long term effects.

Would you work for an employer that makes their management decisions based on what a few people believe, without regard to the outcome down the road?? Would you sit back and say, "It doesn't affect me today, so why should I worry about it?". What is the difference between working for someone who decides that their rules go against their own policies, and a government that allows people to go against their policies, namely the Constitution of The United States of America ?

Just to give some minor examples of what we allow our elected officials to do follow.

1- Nancy Pelosi attaching a stipulation to the new minimum wage bill allowing the companies in American Somoa to be exempt from the new minmimum wage. The associated fact, which by the way was not publicized with any strength is this. Starkist Tuna has their major tuna canning factory in American Somoa. Starkist world headquarters is in Pelosi's local district.

2- It is the oil companies fault that gasoline prices are high. Fact: crude oil is an over the counter free traded commodity that anyone can purchase. It is a market driven product, not priced by the BIG BAD OIL COMPANIES. Any farmed product from cotton to pork is done "THE EXACT SAME WAY".

3- We lost the Viet Nam war. All you have to do is read HISTORY. A peace accord was signed, with NO prevailing WINNER. An agreement was made over dividing lands. The Communist regime of North Viet Nam invaded South Viet Nam in 1975 after the majority of our Armed Forces were returning home.

4- The ACLU works for us. All it takes is alittle research to find out that OUR tax monies go to the ACLU to fund their lawyers to sue our government. You and I pay these lawyers to sue the people we pay to make decisions for us.

5- News shows tell the "whole, accurate, complete story". This speaks for itself.

6- Immigration is not a problem. 15-20 million illegal aliens in this country is not a "problem"? Where have you been all your life. I was in a line last night at the Wal Mart in our little town, and their were 27 Hispanic's in that line sending an average of $1,000 each by wire to Mexico. How do I know this you ask. All the forms they were filling out were in Spanish, and Wal Mart had to have an interpreter talk to these people while another person was putting the information in the computer. The forms are there for anyone to see.

7- Global Warming is another issue that is kept in front of us on a daily basis. What has the reasearch concluded? Well, I guess that all depends on which scientist you want to listen to. So, I pose this question to you. Does the scientist express the true fact, or does the scientist express the issues that their funding partners believe in? Look at who pays the scientist before you listen to or read their findings.

The issues go on and on. I feel that we are being manipulated, coerced, and driven into a socialistic society. All the directions I see point that way.It appears that the stronger the effort, the more the people of this country tend to believe, without taking the time to do their homework. I thught we were taught in school how to search out the facts, instead of trying to go with popular opinion.

That brings up another issue. Public School Education. How can we teach our children to study and learn, when we do nothing more than teach them a test? I firmly believe that our kids today are taught WHAT to THINK, instead of how to think.

More on the socialistic society. I know for a fact that in Canada they have sociallized medicine. As an American living and working in Canada, you can go to the doctor, agree to pay alittle extra, (more than they get from the Government) and get special treatment, to the point of moving to the head of the line, and being able to walk in the door, walk straight into a waiting room, and get taken care of before their own people get taken care of. Is this the way you want our medical system to be? That is what will happen. The same old adadge, whoever lines the pocket, gets the favors. Do we want to create a society where all we believe is you owe me?

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were devistating to the way of life for several million people. The lessons learned from that catastrophy are still being measured. The true unbiased results will probably never be fully exposed. Hollywood, and for that matter, the News Media, saw an opportunity to spin their political view points on us, without telling the total truth about the whole issue. Mistakes were made, people lost their lives, and people lost everything they had. Instead of beating up the easy targets, they should have concentrated on the true actual steps taken from ALL levels of government.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Lot's of speech today borders on treason in my opinion. It is perfectly acceptable in our "politically correct" society to bash the President to the whole world, but not be able to speak how you believe about another race of people. We must not hurt another person's feelings, but it is okay to use "treasonous words concerning our President".

1- This is the worst President in history.
2- The Iraq war is based on total lies.
3- Non African Americans can't use the "N" word.
4- Non African Americans can't speak what I call gangsta slang.
5- It depends on what your definition of "is is".
6- You can't mention God or Pray in schools.
7- You are not allowed to speak your mind, if it will offend someone else.

The Right to bear arms. A select group of people have determined that guns kill people. Isn't the right statement, that people kill people?

Freedom of religion as long as you don't offend anyone else. Everything seems to be pointing to making sure you do not offend someone else, it doesn't matter that you may be offended. Our Constitution gives "ALL" of us rights. What has happened? Are these rights now for the few instead of the masses?

Why is it that government has decided that they must protect us from ourselves. They have destroyed the basis by which our Constitution was written, and all for nothing more than POWER and MONEY.

The design of this blog is intended to create an environment by which we can realize what is happening to OUR Country and OUR CONSTITUTION. Maybe we will finally realize where we are headed, and what the outcome will be. Personal bashing will not be tolerated. WE ALL HAVE OUR OPINIONS, and we can create an environment by which we can turn the corner, and get OUR COUNTRY BACK.

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